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Plaza Bakery

Pastry Case

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                All pastries are made fresh daily. Plaza Bakery bakers and pastry chefs arrive at the shop before the sun comes up. Pick a delicious pastry from any of the six cases during                      business hours (7:30am-7:30pm), or special order your favorite pastry 24 hours in advance.

Butter Tea Cookies

     Try our famous Butter Tea Cookies. They come in red, orange, yellow, green, blue,       purple, pink, and multi-colored sprinkle. These cookies are $6.50 per pound (4-5        dozen cookies).

     Other Cookies we make are listed on the Price Sheets page -- Pastries.
 Animal Cupcakes

     These adorable cupcakes are appropriate for all ages! They cost $1.89 per cupcake.
     Other Cupcakes are available starting at $1.25 per cupcake.

     Cupcake Flavors: Yellow, Chocolate, White Almond, Lemon, Red Velvet, Carrot,         and Spice.
    Icing Flavors: Bakers Buttercream, Buttercream, Chocolate, Whipped, Lemon,         Almond, Strawberry, Maple, Mocha, Caramel, Mint.
     (Ask about flavors that you might be interested in that are not listed)
Petit Fours

     Petit Fours
     Petitfours are a top selling item at Plaza Bakery. These little treats are hand cut from white      almond cake into a diamond shape and then hand dipped in white poured fondant icing.      They are then topped with the traditional rosebud.

     Other decorations are available for the top of the petitfour including holiday decor (hearts,      shamrocks, pumpkins, holly berries, etc.) or bring in a small sugar charm and we will place      them on your petitfours for no extra cost. For $1.00 extra per dozen, petitfours can be      decorated with letters or numbers, baby booties, non-edible wedding doves, or breast      cancer ribbons.

    Petitfours are sold for $8.99 per dozen. $0.75 per piece.

     Check out a full listing of Plaza Bakery pies on the Price Sheets page      --Pastries.
Gingerbread Cookies

     Gingerbread cookies are available on a daily basis. They can be       pre-ordered with special decorations. In the summer they are dressed      with bikinis and swimming trunks. Other decorations include clowns,        santas, bride and groom, or custom decor.

     Decorated gingerbread cookies are $1.69 per cookie, and Naked, or
     undecorated, gingerbread cookies are $0.99 per cookie. Gingerbread
     houses are also available starting at $20.00.