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Plaza Bakery
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Birthday Cakes

                 Plaza Bakery specializes in custom cakes. Our artistic cake decorators do freehand artist interpreted designs with buttercream icing. Feel free to bring in a picture, plate, or                     napkin (any color) for your themed party, or choose a design from the book in our store. Plaza Bakery can also scan your pictures onto edible paper to design any cake;                     however, we do not scan copyrighted images. Call our store or stop by if you have any questions.

Beach theme

     Order this tropical beach themed cake for your party. This design is      available in a sheet cake or round cake.
21st Birthday

     Celebrate your 21st birthday with a custom cake. This 2 tier cake serves 25.
Sailing theme

     This sailing design is perfect for a nautical themed birthday. The design is available in a      round or sheet cake.
Star Wars theme

     This Star Wars themed cake would be great for the Jedi in your life. This design is available      in a round or sheet cake.
Strawberry Shortcake Princess

     Do you have a little princess of your own? This Strawberry Shortcake      Princess themed cake is great for kids. This design is available in a round      or sheet cake.
Guitar Shaped cake

     Get your rockstar a birthday cake shaped like a lifesized guitar (fullsheet).      This acoustic guitar cake is available in a half-sheet or full-sheet.

     Ordering Information:   Refer to this cake as a "cut-out" cake when      ordering.
Baby Shower Cake

     Are you an expecting mother or in charge of the shower cake? This Baby      Shower cake is perfect for the expecting mommy. It is available in a round      or sheet cake. Check out our other designs on our Facebook page, stop      by the store and look at our book, or let us know what designs you have in      mind!